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The Spring Fling - with Nikolia Spring 2017

Posted on 19 February 2017

.....and Nikolia does it again - with an amazing new collection for Spring 2017, named "Moon Gang".  Lot of handmade details and embroideries - always setting Nikolia apart from the rest - and their workmanship - all made in Lithuania - with fabrics from Italy, Spain and Japan - each piece is a piece of art......as the team - Ruta and Ieva - wrote - "We are lucky to know some Moon girls who needed to express their above the sky personalities by their looks. And we made a collection for them. Was it hard? No. Was it challenging? Yes. Did we enjoy? Yes, a lot. Are these satisfied with their looks? Yes. No. In fact they do not care a lot. They love the way clothes move and feel . And that's it. Do they love their Moon friends look? Yes, they love their friends looking the best. This is the reason we must cherish them and do our best to make them stay here. To let you know why the collection for Moon girls is different from usual we need to note that the
concept of it was to keep mysterious, to make surprises and to feel sleek. As always we did not obey the rules. As always we did some unexpected solutions for little savages. The point where we made a surprising twist is to make those tomboys look elegant while their Moon dance. They can run, dance, play, swim and still look perfectly!"

We were lucky to already have some of our pieces published by our friends in Babiekins and proudly wearing them! 

Here are some of our favorites.....

Nikolia Spring 2017 Butterfly Top and Skirt
Gianna @gbeloved wearing Ana skirt with Butterfly Top....
Sophie @littlemisssophiescloset wearing the Bee Dress
Julia @oohmyjules wearing Wrap Top, Dream Skirt and Dandelion Dress (complete with HaloLuxe headband and Belle Chiara ballet flats)
 The Drizzle Dress

See the amazing collection and shop our first drop - and more to come!


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