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MiMiSol: A Brand Rich in Values and Character

Posted on 02 June 2016

MiMiSol was launched in 2011 from the creative mind of Imelde Bronzieri - a veteran in kids fashion who came from the iconic I Pinco Pallino which was a byword for luxury kids fashion. Imelde, rich in character and values, came from the beautiful region of Bergamo, Italy where she drew inspiration to start MiMiSol.

Harmony is important to MiMiSol as the brand name is the first three notes of the sonata 49-4 of Brahm’s Lullaby. The lullaby conjures up sweet memories, enchantment, and elegance which comes through brilliantly with every MiMiSol collection.

Settled into Bergamo, Imelde and her CEO/partner Dana Cassina manage MiMiSol’s success. Imelde and Dana place a very high value on maintaining a brand that really connects with children and people; it’s the key to their success as a young company.

MiMiSol caters to girls and boys, mixing classic and experimental design flawlessly. Each garment is crafted with high quality fabrics such as natural wools and silks. We hope that the MiMiSol collection elicits the same joy and wonderment for you that it does for us!

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